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Classical Guitar
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is the perfect Holiday Gift for somebody
that has always dreamed of
learning to play guitar or bass.

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Set-Up Special

Classical Guitar - Set Ups

Cleaning - strings
Set action Truss Rod Your guitar will
sound like new!


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Chicago Guitar Lessons

3021 N. Troy





Classical Guitar Lessons


  1. The songs you want to learn
  2. Tuning and how to hold
    the Classical guitar.
  3. One on One instruction.
  4. Simple Warm ups for finger dexterity
  5. Chords and how
    to finger the 10 most popular Spanish chords.
  6. How to play with your fingers
    as opposed to a pick.
  7. You guitar repaired and Set Up to play like "Butter".

Learn songs from our extensive catalogue. Songs by artist.

Bach - Sor - Carcassi

Giulani - Pachabel

Fernando Velenzuela

Paginni - Vivaldi - Brahms

  1. Free software for at home study and recording.
  2. Review what we have done.
  3. Complete the song list of the songs you want to learn.
  4. Timing training to play in time.

Private One Hour Lesson $35.00

4 Plus Package $100.00


We specialize in beginners
for the last 20 years.
Chicago's personal best for complete guitar education.

  1. Start to perform the songs we have worked on and prepare for more advanced training.
  2. Free Powertabs 1.7
    Hear the lesson or song.

    1. Go to Powertabs 1.7 to download the
    2. player.
      We can send request songs and monthly lessons in Powertab lessons to you FREE !

      Powertab is a Free Software Download the software - click on the file, it will open. Now you can see and hear the lesson.


Reading Powertab
Reading Tablature

Lesson 1
Learn the
Pentatonic Scale.

Lesson 2
Simple pattern
using 1st and
3rd fingers.

Lesson 3
Use all
four fingers !